Sick Kittens Get a New Lease on Life

Kitty story2Four near-death kittens being treated by ARF
By the time four suffering, near-death kittens were delivered to ARF’s doorstep at the end of May, several other agencies had already refused to accept the siblings and recommended euthanizing them. ARF was their last chance.  

Rescued from a barn, the 7-week-old kittens were days, or even hours, from death. All were terribly underweight, dehydrated and malnourished from starvation. They all had severe eye infections so bad that their eyes were sealed shut and seeping. And they each had ear mites to the point of complete ear blockage and disorientation.

The ARF healthcare staff agonized over making the wrong choice too; saving their young lives could just prolong their suffering and potentially doom the kittens to a life of darkness and pain. But then Cat Committee leader Pat Brinks saw it – a glimpse of a fighting spirit and a will to live! She gave the females superhero names – Diana, Gabrielle and Xena – and we began treatment. The male was the tiniest and weakest. Weighing just ounces, he wasn’t expected to make it, so he became Rocky.

Rocky cat and sisThe road to recovery
The kittens were split between two foster homes that could give them the care they needed, which was an intensive process. Care included daily eye medication, two antibiotics, ear medicine twice a day, and daily trips into the shelter so they could be hydrated with fluids. They also visited the vet once a week.

Miraculously, they began to respond. Stronger sisters Diana and Gabrielle began to gain some strength and open their eyes within about a week. Xena, who was second-worst upon arrival, concerned caregivers by continuing to walk into walls and chair legs for several weeks. But now, after nearly 4 weeks of care, her foster mom reports she is almost completely recovered; while she likely has some vision loss from the infection, she loves to play, climb and explore.

Rocky took the longest and had the worst infection, but somehow, he survived too! While he’s still the littlest, his foster mom reports he’s become a happy, adventurous, playful kitten that loves to “chatter and talk.”

Rocky cat3Unfortunately, Rocky’s struggle isn’t over yet
Rocky’s eye infection was very severe, and as soon as he weighs enough, he will require surgery to remove one of his eyes. The good news is that we were able to save the other eye, and he seems to have enough vision in it to function normally. “This has been a real lesson for us all in what hope, love and a will to live can achieve,” Pat said. “I never thought on that horrible night when they came to us that the result would be four beautiful, healthy kittens who will go on to lead happy lives and bring joy to the families who adopt them.”



Can you help with the recovery of these fighting kittens?

Medical care for the siblings has gone well over $1000, and Rocky’s surgery still lies ahead. Your donation of any size to the Angels for Animals Fund will help us pay for the surgery, medical and veterinary costs, and enable ARF to save more animals with dire medical needs in the future.



UPDATES: August 2017

Rocky 2


Zena 2

Diana 2

The kittens are three months old now, thriving and now available for adoption! Surgery to remove Rocky’s eye went well, and his foster mom reports he doesn’t seem to miss it a bit!

In fact, Diana was already adopted on on July 31st! Gabrielle is currently at the shelter waiting for her forever home. Rocky and Xena are still in foster care and available for visits by potential adopters by appointment. To learn more or schedule a visit, please contact Pat at 440-223-1275 or

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