Seniors for Seniors

ARF’s Seniors for Seniors program was created to match mature animals with mature adopters. Any adopter 65 years or older, may adopt a dog or cat, seven years or older, for half of our regular adoption fee. The adoption fee includes a complete physical examination for ear mites, fleas, basic pre-screening blood tests, first set of vaccinations and sterilization.

Both senior and animal will benefit from a loving friend and companion. Cats and dogs can provide friendship for lonely individuals, offering seniors an opportunity for caretaking and interaction that some may miss if family or friends are not nearby. Senior animals can make wonderful additions to the lives of seniors by offering gentle companionship, lower activity levels and previous training. To an older animal, a senior that will dote on them, and spend time allowing them to sit on their lap or lay at their feet, is an inviting an ideal new home.

Many senior citizens would benefit from the company of a pet but avoid animal companionship for fear of “what would happen to my pet if something happens to me?” Our Seniors for Seniors program would provide you the comfort of knowing that if you become unable to care for your new dog or cat, you or a family member may return the animal to us.

Before Seniors for Seniors existed many of our mature animals often languished in the shelter, this programs offers them a better chance of finding their forever home.

ARF hopes that this program makes it possible for people on a limited income or advanced in years to have a animal companion in their life. Thanks to all of you who see this and help to give these animals the new lease on life that they deserve.

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