Greatest Love Story Ever Told | Tonks

  • Posted: May 2, 2012 
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Tonks is such a character :-) !!! She is still very much kitten at heart, even though she’s probably 3 by now. She talks all the time (she has this cute little raspy short meow that she uses … really, it’s almost like a language!), and tries to get my older 12-year-old cat, Simon to play. Now, Simon doesn’t play, but that doesn’t stop Tonks from trying. I found a new toy she loves — it’s a plastic pole with a long skinny piece of multicolored fleece on it. She loves it!

At night, Tonks jumps on my bed and likes to lean against my side and sleep. When I’m home on the weekends (instead of at work), Tonks loves to crawl onto my lap and fall asleep. She still does that kneeding motion with her front paws when she’s being petted and is purring, just like a kitten.

While she’s still a little jumpy if I accidentally make a loud noise, or there’s something loud outside, she’s getting used to the idea that she isn’t going to be taken away and that she is home now, and she’s flourishing. I can tell she’s gained weight. She’s still a small little girl, but she’s muscular!

She DID discover that my Amish kitchen table has sturdy wooden legs, but a little aluminum foil wrapped around the legs has saved them. I’m still introducing the concept of a sisal scratching post to her :-) … but as the magnet on my refrigerator says, “Cats are God’s way of telling you your furniture is too nice.”

I just adore my little Tonks — BTW, her full name (after a Harry Potter character descended from the House of Black, if you have volunteers that know the books) is Dora Tonks — I don’t call her Dora, but my mom does when she visits, as does one of my friends (they don’t like the name Tonks). Most people have started calling her “Tonksie.” I call her Tonks or Tonksie. She knows her name already and will look up or even walk over to me if I say, “Hey, Tonks!” She always runs to the back door to greet me when I come home from work.

Tonks is just WONDERFUL! And she has totally adopted me…


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