Greatest Love Story Ever Told | Fringe (Flare)

  • Posted: September 22, 2011 
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UPDATE: July 27, 2012

Hi it’s Angela again (Flare’s adopter) just wanted to give you another update on Flare.

He is now wandering around the house and interacting with Heidi (other cat) a little more.  She still hisses at him but she’ll get over it.  Flare is a very active cat and loves to run and play and somtimes chase Heidi!  Hey a least he’s getting her moving.  He is getting braver by the day.  Oh and it might be summer break but he’s learning new things every day.  And belive it or not Heidi’s the teacher!  For example, once Flare started interacting with Heidi and being around her, he saw how she jumped up on the bed and now he’s tring to do the same.

Flare loves to be petted and is very happy here!  I even came up with some nicknames for him;  some of them are…… “My Little Motor Boat,” because he purrs very very loudly!  “My Little Alarm Clock,” because he wkes me up in the morning if he’s in my room with the door shut.  And “My Little Race Car,” because he knows how to run!

So he’s doing great!  Next time I’ll send pictures! :)   Meow for Now!


Original Post | July 1, 2012

This is Angela Weiland the girl who adopted Fringe the orange and white tabby cat. I renamed him Flare and I think he likes it but heck what do I know I’m only 12!

I’m keeping him in my room for now. He stayed under my desk for quite a while actually but eventually he moved to under the bed; that’s where he spends most of the day while I’m gone at summer camp. Flare’s doing great and he’s sure to get even better! Thank you!

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