Greastest Love Story Ever Told | Titan

  • Posted: September 5, 2012 
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Just wanted to update you with a few pictures of Titan (aka Bryce).  He is a bug handful but I believe he is enjoying our company as much as we are of his.  This past weekend we put him in a life jacket (for dogs) and I took him kayaking with me.  The first day was very short and he did good.  The second day we went for a sunrise ride and he did great,  I think.  Apparently he wanted to test the waters quite literally because he ended up jumping in the water.  I think I freaked more than he did.  He started to kitty paddle but then I plucked him out of the water.  He seemed to still like us even after drying off.  Can’t wait to see how our next adventure goes.  Until then Titan is enjoying his kitty condo we made for him at home.  While he also enjoys his second home.  Now how many cats can say that they have a home away from home?  He does really well traveling too, though it’s only an hour away.

Jenny B.

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