Cheyenne Needs Your Help

Cheyenne is a Great Pyrenees who found her way to ARF with Bubba–a Shepherd mix who is her offspring and companion–just last week. After initial tests, it turns out this gentle giant, the lovely Cheyenne, is heartworm positive. (Thankfully, Bubba is not.)

The ARF healthcare team in conjunction with a veterinary partner is taking care of this sweetheart and will provide the care necessary to restore her to health. However, heartworm treatment is expensive; there is no doubt about it. Cheyenne’s initial medications cost $1,200. There will be many vet follow-up visits to keep her on the road to recovery, and when all is said and done, her total could exceed $2,000.

Great Pyrenees are known for being loyal, gentle (especially with children), affectionate and brave guardians of their families – human and animal alike. Cheyenne didn’t ask to get sick or be abandoned, but she got her Christmas miracle when she and Bubba arrived to open and caring arms at ARF’s front door.  Both dogs are seeking a forever home.

Now ARF needs a Christmas miracle and we hope you can help. As always, our supporters are our greatest strength and we tell you Cheyenne’s story in the hope you can come through again. Please donate to the ARF Angel Fund in honor of Cheyenne. No donation is too small, or too large!


Thank you for your continued support.

Berea ARF (and Cheyenne)

P.S. Heart worm is a very preventable disease. Please ask your vet if your dog should be screened