Berea Animal Rescue Fund “ARF” began in 1987 in one family’s garage in a southwestern suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. This grass roots movement was born when a small group of animal lovers recognized the desperate housing and healthcare needs of the homeless animals in the area.The ARF movement grew when the city of Berea provided us a small building, utility costs included. In return, ARF would always have a cage open for the city’s stray animals. Now, after 20 years of service and thousands of success stories later, ARF continues to save lives and make friends.

ARF’s Mission Statement
For the betterment of the lives of stray and abandoned animals, Berea’s Animal Rescue Friends, Inc. promises to:

  • Give loving care and companionship for as long as needed;
  • Provide shelter, food and medical necessities;
  • Seek quality homes through adoption programs;
  • Create public interest and awareness of animal rights and issues; and promote action and advocacy for all of the above.

The State of Ohio Commendates ARF on 25 Years of Service to the Community

Berea Animal Rescue Friends “ARF”is a 501 (c) 3non profit organization, and operates as a No Time Limit Shelter.

Download Our 2011 Annual Report