MMD Pet Dashers

Get ready for this year’s four-legged competition!

Pledge your support for an ARF pet in the Monster Mutt Dash. These resident or long-term ARF animals have their own unique story to tell, and are asking for your support in the Monster Mutt Dash. Which one will emerge victoriously with the most money donated? Who will you help win? Donate a little or a lot, every dollar counts!

Read their stories and donate to the ones who touch your heart the most.



I am John Wayne and as the only Bloodhound mix in this year’s group of ‘dashers,’ I am asking for your donation because I can follow a scent like no other, do the ‘hound’ bark like no other, any be loyal like no other. Please help me beat the cats by showing your support for me!


My name is Oz, just call me the canine Silver Sneakers boy, as I am a senior pup who has had a tough life on the streets and came to ARF last December. Although I may prefer a warm blanket and treat, I will rally to the cause if you make a donation for me, in honor of all the senior pets out there, I will represent our generation proudly. Donate to me here!


Hi! I’m Racer! I have Greyhound in my blood, and although I can prance on a leash at times, I was never in the circus. I am an all-around good guy who loves humans as well as other dogs. I am so excited to be a part of the Monster Mutt Dash this year, and am asking for your pledges so I can beat the other dogs. Can I count on your love and support this year? Donate to me here!


My name is Ava. I am the baby of the bunch, not just your typical 8 month old lap dog, but an adorable Basenji/terrier mix who is friendly to everyone I meet; dogs and humans alike. If you’ve ever owned a Terrier, you know we are pure personality. So, in honor of all the Terriers out there, pledge your support for me. I promise not to dig anymore holes. Donate to me here!




I am Homer, a 4-year-old orange tabby and a newer full-time resident at ARF. Although an unfortunate tail amputation has left me without a tail and incontinent, it hasn’t slowed me down. I am still a lovable ball of fur and a favorite among the volunteers. Please make a pledge for me and help me win the 2012 Monster Mutt Dash Donation contest. Donate to me here!


Miss Etta to you my dear, I am the crusty 13-year-old queen of the ISO room at the Shelter and not afraid to say it. I recently recovered from shoulder surgery and have returned to rein over the volunteers who take care of me. For all the old broads out there, please donate to Etta and show the world 13 is the new 2! Donate to me here!


I am Kiowa, a 4-year-old, sweet and gentle Grandmotherly-type of cat who likes to give kisses! I am on a special diabetic diet, but I will still accept all the love you have to give. If I were human, I would invite you all over for Sunday dinner, cook chicken and dumplings and send you home with leftovers. In honor of your Grandmother, please donate to me and help me win the Pet Dasher Contest! Donate to me here!


Ms. Turner is my name, a legend like me never reveals her real age, but I will say my 8-13 years have taken their toll. My daily meds for my eye infection, dental disease and intestinal problems are holding me together, honey. I’m still rockin’ the ISO room at ARF, so please donate in my name because the show must go on. Donate to me here!